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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Canarsie:
...from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Since I am not skilled in marketing, let's see what lessons can be learned from this:

How to bring your airline out of the red:

Decide to annoy and offend your employees by cutting them and their benefits while padding your own wallet, outsource customer service to India.

Efeectively offend fiercely loyal customers by profoundly reducing their perks and then try to convince them that "they asked for it"

Load more on 2 by telling those loyal customers most affected, that they are the scum of the family and should try to avoid letting the door hit them on the way when they leave for the compettitor

Top 1-3 off by rewardding the highest perk status to people flying 1-20 trips per year for redicilous first class fares in compettetive markets and continue to scrabe off the Medaillion list those who flies all the time on expensive LUT fares in non-compettetive markets

Add to 1-4 by Taking away the perks some even pay for, such as meal service, presentation, assistance.

See to even long distance routes are replaced with Regional tin cans, while keeping or increasing the ticket price, and further reduce to the point of elimination any comfort associated with flying.

And when the seeds of 1-5 are resulting in an ever meager customer harvest, indicate in a 5 page memo how these points need to be improved on in order to stay in business.

Definitely makes a lot of sense to me!!!

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