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1. Each point is worth 500 miles in upgrades during a domestic flight. You must have enough points to cover an entire flight. Hence, if your flight is 501 miles, Delta requires 2 points to upgrade it.

2. Each flight has a limited number of "upgradable" seats. If you purchase a ticket for a fare higher than L, U, or T, you can ask for one of these seats when you book -- IF you are Platinum. If you are Gold, you can ask 72 hours before the flight. If you are Silver, 24 hours.

If there are upgradable seats available, you will be confirmed at that time.

3. If you buy an L, U, or T ticket, you can ask 24 hours before the flight if you are Platinum. Gold and Silver can ask 12 hours in advance. Again, you will only be upgraded at this time if there are upgradable seats available.

4. If there are no such seats, you will be put on a waiting list and can hope that other FC seats will go unsold. In that case, they will become available immediately before the flight. Platinums will get priority, followed by Gold and then Silver. Within a category, priority will be determined by the fare class.

5. Real life: There are very few seats which become available at the last minute. Even Platinums find it hard to get a seat from the waiting list. Gold MIGHT make it. Silver has the same chance as that proverbial snowball in Satan's realm.

I am Gold and the only times I have been upgraded were when Delta did it for operational reasons (they were sold out in Economy and moved me to BE on an international flight -- no points charged) or when my seat was reserved in advance as part of an international itinerary. (I paid 20,000 miles to get an AMS-ATL-FLL upgraded. On the way back, I paid the same 20,000, asked for my seat a week in advance, but the FLL-ATL segment had no upgradable seats left. I was put on the waiting list. One waiting list seat opened and, even though my miles had already been paid, it was given to a Platinum.

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