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Interesting responses.

Yes at time of checkin if available
Used to be able to .. but no longer
Used to be able to .. but no longer
Yes .. dad does it currently

I will add a vote for USED TO be able to .. but no longer.

Did it back in 2001 time frame but have been told repeated that it is no longer available.

That was in the olden days of the paper eVIPs .. and it took about 45minutes plus several calls to support for the agent to figure out how to re-issue the ticket. At the time they all had to do a 'phase 4' manual type ticket for the add-collect of the J to F fare. It got very complicated.

Maybe other airlines have other deals currently .. and apparently AA does randomly at checkin IF J is oversold and P not full. But not on a reserved basis as they did several years ago.
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