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Originally Posted by flygirl555
Thanks for the review, Canarsie. This will be my first time to the museum.

The store will be open in July especially for us. Right now, they are still working on getting someone to cover the September date...
In that store, one will find everything from models of Delta Air Lines aircraft to the silverware that was once used on Delta Air Lines flights — all available for purchase.

Elsewhere in the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum, which is its official name, there is also a small display of the then-new Business Elite seats, as well as the cow with the Delta Air Lines tail.

Also included on display:
  • “Ship 41”, the first DC-3 to carry Delta passengers. Restored by volunteers and a core mechanic team, 1993-1999. Winner in 2001 of the first National Trust for Historic Preservation award presented to an aircraft.
  • A 1931 Travel Air, symbolizing Delta's first passenger aircraft.
  • A 1936 Stinson Reliant SE. Nicknamed the “Gull Wing,” this unique aircraft served as an instrument trainer for Northeast Airlines pilots in 1941-1942.
  • Professionally managed archives of artifacts related to Delta and its ancestor airlines. The Archives maintains over 200,000 images, 1,000 films, and one of the world's largest airline uniform collections in a museum.
  • Aviation reference library.
  • Temporary exhibits.
  • Replica of the first Delta station in Monroe, Louisiana.
  • An 800-square-foot museum shop, housed in a redesigned section of the hull of the first L-1011 ever built.
Keep in mind that the Delta Museum is a work in progress and is not completed or fancy in any way. It has a lot of potential.

This is a reminder that the Delta Museum is not open to the public. This is a special invitation open only to FlyerTalk members and their guests. If you are interested in viewing the history of Delta Air Lines at the Delta Museum, consider taking advantage of this opportunity.
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