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I have had res agents refuse to provide any plane "ID" information, citing "security" concerns. I assume their real concern was to get me off the phone as quickly as possible in order not to bring down their statistics. A couple of times I've just asked them to check where the equipment originated and see if that leg was on time; this seems to get a better response, but one can't know if the information is accurate.

One thing I do know is that just asking res if the plane is on time is practically useless in most cases. They don't bother to update the computer system, so the res agents really don't know. I've actually been stuck at the airport waiting for a flight with a posted delay (and a long line of unhappy pax waiting at the gate) only to be told by res that the plane was on time.

A particular pet peeve is when what are mechanical or crew scheduling problems, etc. are blamed on weather when that is clearly not the case. Once I was told at a hub that my arriving flight (the first of the day, same flight number) was delayed by weather. Since it was a long delay I had time to do some checking and discovered that no other flights on any carriers from that airport had been delayed and the weather conditions were ideal. When I mentioned this fact at the service desk the agent loudly said "we've been told to advise you this is a weather delay. NEXT!" while rudely motioning for me to step aside with a wave of his hand.

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