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Great service ha ha

I recently bought a Delta ticket from Nashville to chicago. I have to drive two hours to Nashville. I could have flown from an hour away at same cost but not on Delta. So I want skymiles and so book Nashville. I look on web and call twice en route I was told the flight was on time or I would have booked book another flight if not as I had very a inportant meeting to attend. I got to the desk and was told delayed due to weather. I told the agent I just called 15 minutes earlier and was told it was on time. The agent told me it still showed on the computer that it was on time but it was wrong. The earliest they could get me there by another airline was 3 hours late as all seats sold out by then. I get refund for that segment and paid 30 nore dollars for swa flight. Ask for mileage credit and they told me to call when i get home. I call and email and they said since I got refund then they could not give me credit. I am only a sm but not happy, I do not feel like a valued customer. I flew Delta on return. trip.
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