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I sat next to Evander Holyfield for about 5 minutes until a very brave FA asked him to take the bulkhead seat he was assigned.

O.J. Trial DNA expert Barry Scheck stopped and asked me a question about planes (it's a long story) on the T concourse in ATL and flew back to LGA sitting across the row from me.

Diane Sawyer sat two rows ahead of me (her teenage daughter was back in coach.

Michael Ironside sat 3 rows ahead of me going to LA. Kept getting up and walking around like he wanted to be noticed. I don't think anyone knew who he was.

I was seated in an exit row on an MD-88 from ATL to LGA and was asked by a not so pleasant lady to switch seats with her friend who waved to me from the front of the plane. Standing next to her waiting for her to sit down was Mario Van Peebles and his young son. I won't say where I ended up sitting .

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