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Originally Posted by hhoope01
I pretty much flew Northwest until last year. AA status matched me to Platinum early last year, and I flew them fairly exclusively. With that said, I would add the following:

1. As a Gold/Platinum on AA, you will earn 4 500-mile upgrades for every 10K of miles flown. These can be used to upgrade on your US based flights.
Not only US. Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and Canada.

Originally Posted by hhoope01
2. I don't know if when you achieve Gold or Platinum level, one would normally receive an initial deposit of 500 mile upgrades. But when I was status matched, I did not receive any. You will have to either purchase them, as mentioned previously, or earn them through 10K miles of flying.
The sticker counter starts once you have status, not before.

Originally Posted by hhoope01
3. One thing I did receive a couple of times last year were operational upgrades on some of my international flights. Last year as a Platinum, I was upgaded on two of my Trans-Pacific flights to Narita. So that was definitely a nice unexpected perk.
You were very lucky but I would not tell newbies that this should be expected. I've been EXP for 4 years now and not 1 op-up.

Originally Posted by hhoope01
4. As a Platinum, if you happen to be flying on a Y or B fares, you can request complementary upgrades. IOW, you won't have to use the 500 mile upgrade coupons.

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