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Originally Posted by JDiver

As Platinum on AA, I can purchase 500-mile "stickers" - these are electronic domestic upgrades, each usable to upgrade up to 550 miles US / North America, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean on almost all fares, including deep discount economy. They cost $30 each, and I get four free every 10,000 flown miles, basically. My upgrade record as a Platinum was not bad at all.

Careful. We don't want to confuse an AA-newbie here. What this means is that you may travel up to 50mi more than your stickers "technically" let you. So, for a 548mi trip, it's one sticker. For a 1045mi trip, it's two stickers. But for a 1094mi trip, you need three. You don't get to tack 50mi. onto each sticker, just the total stickers.
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