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Are your int'l trips done in Y or J, and do you intend to use mileage upgrades? Based on experience with AA, I've never not gotten a mileage upgrade that I've wanted. That includes transcons and int'l. Note also that elite upgrades on AA are paid, not free like CO (until you hit EXP, that is). So, while using them on a transcon as PLT (which it sounds like you'd be) might be possible sometimes, if you are purchasing them it will cost you $180 each way in stickers. Also, if you ever buy business class seats for int'l trips, AA has a first class which you can upgrade to on flights with a 777. My knowledge of CO is almost non-existant, these are just the things I've observed on FT. For a complete comparison, just give it until JonNYC happens upon this thread, and you'll get everything you need ^.
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