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Originally Posted by WHBM
The mass development of shopping facilities in airports is generally felt to have been led by British Airports Authority (BAA), operator of London's and other UK airports, and now several round the world as well. Although there have always been retail facilities provided, BAA took the concept of maximising the revenue they make to new levels, certainly to the point where their retail revenue is now way ahead of their aviation revenue.

A pioneer revenue stream for European airports from the 1960s-on was duty free sales as many intra-Europe flights were international, unlike the US experience where most passengers have always been domestic. With the ending of this for most European flights by new EU regulations in the 1990s many European airports felt pushed into different areas of revenue. European airports still seem way ahead of US ones in this respect.

Having facilities airside or landside is hit-and-miss. At London Heathrow Terminals 1 to 3 have most landside whereas T4 is mostly airside. There is no real consensus.
And is Heathrow T3 any better for this redevelopment? Is it heck!

Shops Shops Shops, No Windows, just more shops and if you want to sit down, well there's a bit of mess in the middle you can scrunch down in.

Have more shops made our travelling any easier or pleasant? When they take relaxation space away for a Bvlgari jewellery store or whatever other useless retail outlet for 0.01% of the passengers I doubt that it does!

What more do you really need than
a Duty Free Shop selling some stuff that is actually cheap!;
A Restaurant and Bar selling edible food and grub;
a book and magazine store;
an "I forgot to pack shop"; and
a local curio's shop for souveniers
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