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Originally Posted by Prospero
Looks like you've been offered some wonderful advice on alternative ways to get to SXB without wasting a complete day of your trip..
Yes, (and as JDiver would no doubt agree) being forced to spend a day in Brussels is a real waste ...

I may have missed it in all the detail in this thread but WHEN are you going and WHEN did AA notify you of the non-flight? Asuming this was ahead of time (before you've even left?), as JonNYC has patiently tried to point out, this has nothing to do with 'denied boarding' or 'cancellation' compensation. Schedules change all the time. AA has offered $200 for the one-day delay, which is pretty reasonable, all things considered. As others have suggested, why not just catch the train, if you don't want a day in Brussels? If $200 doesn't cover the train, tell AA and ask for more. Although at the end of the day, this is an 'SN' issue and not an 'AA' issue, AA 'sold' you the ticket and should take responsibility for what they sold - which it appears they have.
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