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Originally Posted by tommy777
No points or SAS acquaintances being used, this was just good customer service
Congrats to the update. But I am startint to thing there is something in your EB-profile that gives you a heads-up when it comes to the upgrades

Regarding the NOK1000, however, I think that should have been given to everyone making the same trip as you did. As an EBG you probably have a better day then the rest of the lot anyway.

It seems right now that SK (or rather SGS handling all passengers) says no to every claim and ask you to call SAS CS for correction, knowing that a lot (most?) of passengers don't do that. This way they have saved some money (they think).

I was on a cancelled flight a few weeks ago and had to ask for the (SEK50!) voucher after the rebooking was done. It was obviuos that she wouldn't have given me one unless I asked.

Unfortunately this just add to the frustration and the feeling becomes Ryanair rather than a competent network airline.

Anyway, I hope you have a nice stay and a nice trip back.
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