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Greetings from 6H on SK943! What a great crew and flight! (no wonder, there's 126 pax today....)

I am indeed on an Xmas W ticket today, NOK 2800. I traveled OSL-ARN-CPH and am currently over Canada on 943. Looooooong day filled with a lot of Champagne and other goodies. For once they had cod today instead of the salmon. The food was the best I have had in a long time.

How did I score the upgrade? Well, first of all the delay out of OSL on SK 850 this morning was totally SGSs fault. It was amateur day this morning.

Second, I told the lady at SKBU CR what happened in a calm way and was complaining about my very short stay in the US (I'm only there for the weekend) and I also told her that this was my third round trip in 5 weeks. (she checked it and confirmed I was telling the truth) A 6 hour delay due to incompetence is a lot, she was appalled that the pax only got a SEK 50.- voucher to get food at ARN, that's why I got the tax-free goodies and because I am a good customer, she thought giving me C on an empty flight was a good settlement we both could live with: almost free for SAS and I got satisfied!

No points or SAS acquaintances being used, this was just good customer service
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