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Not so good, SGS, very good SAS!

I am currently sitting at ARN after not making SK945 this morning. SGS used 1 hour (!) finding out the weight of the a/c and we left OSL 1:30 minutes late. SGS really sucks.

De-icing took 1 minute (it's true, they used 3 trucks on our plane), but on the ARN approach, the Captain announced that alle ORD pax were re-booked to SK943


After landing, I went to the service center, I had 31B on my original flight, got 46A. Asked for an upgrade, no dice. And here's the funny part: They gave me a voucher for SEK 50.- for food for my 6 hour wait...

I refused it and called SAS CS. After 2 minutes, I was upgraded and got NOK 1000.- to spend on tax free or whatever I like.

Not bad, but still, it's gonna be a long day...
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