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Evil Feature on

Maybe everyone else has noticed this and it didn't bother them. When I wasn't logged on to, I got a $119 price for a one-way SJC-SDF red-eye on their website. When I logged on, the price was $952. Naturally, I bought it while not logged on and had them manually enter my skymiles # over the phone. Incidentally, when I called them on the phone, the lowest price they found was $952.

When I looked closer, I discovered that the default pricing was "800 mile segment upgradeable fares" while I am logged on. I am a silver medallion. At the reservation page, prior to clicking the button for fares, I have to maually uncheck the "800 mile segment upgradeble fares" icon off in order to obtain the lowest fares. When I did this, the $119 fare appeared while I was logged on.

Unchecking the icon is easy to do (but hard to describe). The point I am trying to make is why should an airline make their preferred customers work to obtain the lowest fares? How many people accidentally buy a higher fare because they didn't know to unclick the icon? I think it is borderline unethical.

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