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Originally Posted by SquareDanceGuy
You just GOTTA explain this!
Completely OT, sorry-

A few years back when I was still an undergrad, I didn't have my act together when it came to travelling. I was flying LAX-BNE-SYD, and I think I used this trip for a GLD challenge. Alas, I had yet to reach any elite status.
When I got off my LAX-BNE flight, I was pretty nasty to begin with, but it did not help that I was wearing very, very warm clothing in the 90 degreeish weather. I must have looked pretty crappy and not smelling so nice when I finally reached the domestic terminal. I was desperate for a shower.

Many of the restrooms in BNEs have showers. At the time I thought they were a brilliant convenience, but that idea quickly faded once I gained status.

The showers at BNE are very small metal vestibules, right in the regular restroom. There was no light inside the shower, and it was barely private (the shower curtain barely spanned the shower, and the main door was directly across from the shower- anytime it opened people had a clear view of me in all my glory). The drain didn't work well at all, so the water oveflowed and minorly flooded the restroom. After I finished showering, I was standing around shaving/brusing my teeth etc in nothing but a towel and flip flops (and a few inches of soapy water); all the while people are coming and going using the restroom and what not. I got some really interesting looks. In short, I definitely overcame any shyness about being half naked in public. It was almost like being in a really, really bad hostel.
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