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Originally Posted by FutureCEO1982
So, I have a couple questions for ya'll.. and to see if this is worth sending to AA to let them know I wasnt to please at ALL!
No, this matter does not warrant a letter.
... says I can't upgrade because I am only Admirals Club and not AAirpass.....
She was wrong (with this first answer). Glad you asked again.
... they can do it.. but it is $250 plus the miles... but an extra $100 same day processing fee. Does anyone know if this same day processing fee really exsists?
Yes, there is a $100 fee for mileage upgrades and award tickets inside the 21-day (maybe it's 7-day?) window. I don't remember the details, 'cause EXPs are exempt.
So, I decide.. for $350, I can take another weekend trip... so I kept my exit row in coach.
Great decision. Why spend $350 plus $500 worth of miles for 12 hours in a slightly less crummy seat? For that same $850 you can fly anywhere in the world.
However, the agent didn't put the premium slip on my luggage.. which has always been done for me... when I asked, she said that because I wasn't booked in First or Business, I don't get the marking... even though I had elite status. Is this a true policy? Have agents just been always nice to me and marked them premium before?
Orange tags are supposed to go on First and Biz bags only.
Clear customs and wait for luggage.... and this is where the premium tags come into play.. if it was marked, would of had my bag first and been on my way on time ...
Not in my experience. The premium bags seem to come out at random. They're -supposed- to be loaded in a special compartment inside the 777. That compartment is -supposed- to be delivered first. Yet in fact the best you can hope for is random delivery.
15 mins after the premium bags are out, then comes coach.
Then it was a slow day and the baggage handlers had nothing better to do than process the premium bags correctly for a change. I've NEVER seen the premium bags come out in the first batch like they're supposed to.
I run to recheck my bag, and notice i have 5 mins till my plane departs. I tell the gentlemen this.. he says, "Run, if you miss it, they'll rebook you but your bag will already be there."
Here's where an AA employee goofed up. They're not supposed to tell folks to "run". Someone might have a heart attack or somethin'.
I asked if he could call and hold it or make sure it was on time... he shrugged me off and just pointed to the Skylink.
They almost never hold flights, especially if there's another flight to that same city soon (as was the case here). He was probably already aware you didn't have much time so your getting to the Skylink was more important than asking a bunch of questions.
... my plane was DELAYED 40 mins..... which fine, at least my plane was there, but if the agent would of been nice enough to look, I wouldn't of killed myself.
Fair observation. This one part might be deserving of a SHORT letter to customer service. In all fairness, the airport displays may have been incorrect, so maybe the guy wouldn't know even if he did look. Also, you could have looked yourself. Airport displays are everywhere. You could have also called AA from your cell phone while in the Skylink to find out if your flight was on time.
Board the flight, get to LAX.... guess what... no bag... it didn't make it on the plane and better yet, they dont know if it is on the next plane. I thought they scanned bags so they knew where they were??
Other airlines do. AA doesn't.
The luggage agent was pretty "not friendly" and not in the slightest concerned to even look to see if there was a way to see if it was on that flight.
They have no way of knowing.
Deciding it is pointless to go home and have it delivered.. I wait the hour and a half for the next flight.... and find my bag.
Good decision. Almost all bags go exactly to where they are tagged. It's a grand idea, just before waving bye-bye to your bag at the ticket counter, to visually check that the bag's tag has the right airport code.
And to think this would of all been avoided if I had that orange premium tag.. would of given me an extra 20 mins!!
Maybe in isolated cases. As a rule, the orange premium tag means nothing.
Sorry to ramble and rant.. after 17 hours of flying.. I just wanted my bag and my bed. In that order!
Completely understandable! Some of my best rants have been immediately after a long flight!
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