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Great to read somthing positive every once in a while.. The icecream has been in C and Y for a long time now, they serve it between meals.

But I think we can all agree that the mood of the crew has a lot to do with how the experience is going to be..

I have had 4 SAS intercontinental flights the last month, the flights have all been great. Just waiting for my first "new" 340 flight.

I have gotten a lot of feedback from SAS personell I know that the times for employees of SAS International is very rough these days. They are talking about cancelling Seattle again, but they are changing their mind again and people I know in SAS USA are quitting now, 2 of the girls I know are joining LH in Chicago and at Newark...

Lasse Lindgren & his guys need to make up their mind and get a lot better informing both employees and customers.

If they do, all flights will be as enjoyable as Miikkas!
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