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Originally Posted by miikka
I checked if they know whether ice cream is just a trial or permanent addition to the service concept. They didn't know but offered me another ice cream because there was plenty of ice creams left.

Hmmm, maybe I should get more ice cream.
Compare that to my UA C experience when awaken by a discussion between the passenger behind me and the FA as to whether he could have some ice cream...'now'. Her reply was 'but sir, you had cheese for desert'. This followed what was very rushed meal service with them pushing coffee while I was still working on the salad.

It used to be natural that dessert was served to those that wished after a port and cheese in F/C. DL still did it like that up until they left ARN. I wonder if that as well has changed when they went to C on TAs instead of just F/Y.

The ice cream on UA was served a little more elegantly as desert but the SK ice cream was a great 'snack' served at just that right moment. The passenger next to me flat out asked for more ice cream after enjoying the first one and it arrived within a minute. They did a candy round on those C flights last year when they did not serve ice cream even though you could just pop back to buffet for candy naturaly.

I understand their rush a little on an eastbound so passengers can get to sleep but I really dont appreciate it on westbound TAs and that is another thing I like with SK.

My 2 US flights last month had rushed service as well but a little better in C. Didnt see a FA for about 4 hours on the westbound in economy although little better in C, but 100% miles for W fare was nice.
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