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t-4 to t-3 LAX

A few years back after buying TWA AA ran flights from T-3 and T-4 and for a while they did have a shuttle - however once everything went to T-4 I'm 99% certain the shuttle that ran secure is no more.

The walk is actually quite close if your comfortable walking (less then 10 min once front door to front door at a slowish pace) - and depending on time of day - security T-3 isn't too bad.

Originally Posted by chiil1974
Hi all,

I tried to search to get my answer but wasn't able to find it too easily. Am planning a trip to the West Coast to see family and in order to get more miles am considering a connection in LAX from AA to AS. I know that there is a shuttle that runs between T4 and T3 (at least according to but have never actually used it or physically seen it when I have flown in/out/through LAX. The itinerary I am looking at has just under 2 hr connection time in LAX. Is the shuttle a pretty reliable transfer between the two terminals? I know that LAX can be crazy in the morning (my connection time) and I would hate to have to leave the secure area. If it is too much of a hassle or risk I'll just forget the extra miles.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.