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Originally Posted by ITALady
How did you get your op-up? And what does that mean exactly?? I am psyched they have ice cream... will be on SK EWR to CPH in June. Thanks.
This particular flight is completely full (even business class is full now). It has been showing zero in all possible fare classes for past two days. I booked Economy Extra and I was put onto waitlist for a half day. After I was cleared from the waitlist, SAS informed my travel agency that the ticket must be written immediately and not day before departure as usual.

At the airport my co-worker presented her boarding pass to the GA and the machine just printed the new seat. Same happened to me. Our PNRs are linked to each other and our upgrade was based on the fact that they needed some room in Economy Extra and moved us into Business as I am EBG. Just pure luck (and direct flight with LH had quite much open seats but schedule was completely wrong for us).

I do not know the Tommy op-up voice and I probably will not learn it. I will use points if I do not travel in C and there is no op-up and if I really want to be in C. We shall see when I am flying back home, currently there is some free space again on that flight.

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