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Hotel miles: listed, but not included ?!?

On my latest FB statement, miles from a hotel chain are 'listed', but the miles have not been included in the award total. Has this happened to anyone else?

I've been an FD member for some time. Last year, I also joined Marriott Rewards, a partner of FB, and have selected the Marriott option of taking FB miles instead of Marriott points - so the Marriott stays result in more FB award miles. (Partner schemes do not give level miles, of course.)

I've been travelling quite a bit. Having stayed at Marriott hotels several times since the last FB statement, I'm delighted to see that the stays have been listed on my FB statement. They are listed with the respective award mile value, eg 1,761 miles, or whatever, totalling around 10,000 for all the stays. Also on the statement are my KLM flights, the flights totalling some 36,000 award miles. But the award mile 'accrual' on the statement, the total arithmetically added since last statement, are ONLY the 36,000 KLM flight award miles - the Marriott miles, though listed, are NOT included in the total, or in the carried forward balance.

The Marriott scheme statements separately list my stays, and confirm that Marriott have posted these miles to FB. I expected them to be included in the FB award miles total. Am I missing something, or is this a hiccup in the FB scheme? Has anyone else experienced a problem with FB actually listing, but not accruing, partner awards?

regards, Talisman

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