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Originally Posted by Hotel_junkie
Flew out of MIA a few weeks ago...the TSA line was seriously backed up. While they had about 5 airline personnel working the 5 lines, it still took about 40 min to get to a TSA scanner...
The D security lines are usually the worst and it is worthwhile to use a different one most of the time. Usually I go in through E, sometimes C or even A (which is usually short but a 10 minute walk back to D). The lines do vary tremendously by time of day, and suffer from having lots of leisure pax who take a long time to be screened (hence the slowness) along with the hubbing of flight times. But for connections MIA is very good now, as there is no real need to exit from airside most of the time (the E high gates still require separate security clearing, but there are so few flights out of E high that it is no longer a problem).
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