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Originally Posted by tommy777
I decided to wait for him at the gate, the security line at OSL was HUGE. And as the only capital in the SAS system, we are the only ones not blessed with a fast track..
Why should they? Security at OSL is the same for INT and DOM. With the logic leading to the closing of lounges for DOM EBGs ("we are slashing the prices so lounges and EBG privileges are not part of our DOM concept"), why should frequent flyers get any privileges over once-a-year flyers? With the SK logic, EBGs actually should have to wait LONGER in line, as they fly more, and thus save much more money than the once-in-a-year flyers....

Seriously: it might actually be OSL refusing to set a Elite line up. SK had to stop their very successful gate cafe concept OSL/CPH/ARN-OSL/CPH/ARN because OSL refused to give SK dedicated gates for the purpose. And, honestly: usually security lines at OSL are short!
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