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Originally Posted by happydad100
Why is Delta doing this? Is this true of other markets? I know they need to raise revenue, but this is ridiculous. Delta needs to have its cost structure in-line so they can match the competition. Im fine paying a 10% premium to fly Delta over the competition. I guess if they reduce capacity they can find a few people to pay these high fares. Id like Delta to survive, but not this way. Please, Delta, bring your fares back in-line so I can afford to fly you!

First, I don't know if your fares are a fair comparison. You could pick roundtrip 7-day advance purchase with a Saturday stay and DL would be more competitive. The examples you choose are more oriented to late notice business travelers who are likely to tolerate a higher fare to avoid an out of the way DEN or PHX connection and a 50%+ chance of at least once CRJ leg.

Yes, DL is pricing fares out of SLC above the competition, particularly UA and HP on flights to the west and F9 on flights to the east. WN is often lower, but the gap is not always significant. Time will tell if customers are willing to pay a premium for a non-stop or if they automatically book at, without shopping around.
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