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Mr. S
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We were in the exact same position a few weeks ago. (We took the JetBlue redeye to San Juan (arriving at 3:15 am) and then the first AA flight (8:30 am) to St. Thomas.

(Yes, the airport was open. There are flights at all crazy hours of the day).

Neither of the conventional options looked appealing:
1) paying $160 for 5 hours at a dump hotel
2) crashing at the airport

(By the way, when I was at the San Juan airport, I went over to the hotel to see if they would give a pro-rated rate for a just a few hours, and they were not flexible at all. They were also sold out).

So, we took an alternate sounds crazy, but we rented a car. It was cheaper (only about $25), and we had privacy. Basically, we wound up driving around a little bit, and then sleeping in the car for a few hours.
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