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Originally Posted by Lehava
I for one on most planes can get the seat belt on without an extender (or if I need one I need it for about an inch)

A little off-topic, (amd maybe deserves its own thread), I weigh 250 and am pretty much always in First, and I find that the length of seatbealts vary - sometimes quite wildly.

At least three times on CO (737s) in the past 3 months (in first) the belt JUST fit - and once it was downright uncomfortable. I know it's not me - I lost 30 pounds in the last year, but the belt seems to be getting tighter (while my waist has gotten smaller).

I also fly Avianca (Colombian airline) and their seatbelts in Coach as well as First fit me with plenty of room to spare - and Colombians are substantially smaller than Americans.

Are seatbelts getting smaller? Anyone else notice this?
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