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Actually I should probably clarify more of the terrible customer service received by me from US AIRWAYS.

Prior to my getting to gate for my flight, I had to ask for assistance from their special needs desk, I could have never made it walking through the airport since my ankle was so badly injured (several torn ligiments, etc).

I had to request assistance from their wheelchair help. Keep in mind I am in my 30's and have never in my life been in a wheelchair. I approached the desk asked what I needed to do, told to add my name to their list...........while talking to me the agent interrupted me and walked over to two elderly women who had just walked in (3 minutes after me) she immediately put their name on her list then came back to me and added mine after theirs, I knew this meant I would be waiting longer, and there is no reason why she did that to me.

I was told to wait, whne another agent showed up to take individuals to their get by wheelchair he went in order of their names on the list, again I was put after these 2 women. WHen he took them 3 more women showed up, and added their names to the list, when he returned it was to be my turn, but instead he ignored me and my name which was next and took two of them.

I couldnt help thinking what was going on, nothing to do with flight times I am certain.

Then a second agent showed up took the third women, then the original agent returned and decided to take me, at that point another fourth women quite elderly and a nun no less was also waiting, he then decided to take us BOTH. Now, as I mentioned I have never been in a wheelchair before but I have never seen one man pushing 2 wheelchairs through a busy holiday airport, and I knew this was not the right thing to do. Before I could say a word he bagen pushing me with one arm and pushing her chair with another.

Now the nun, turns out had dementia or alzheimers and was on her own, she had no idea where she was or where she was going to...........

the agent attempts to push 2 wheelchairs into the elevator, I get slammed into the wall, and I screamed, because I barely had time to move my foot out of the way. I lunge forward and he says, ooops..........yeah right.

I told him to be more careful, he then proceeds to take us off the elevator, and slams me into another wall, this time I was prepared and had already rearranged my feet but nearly dropped all that I was holding on my lap, this time Yelled at him to be more careful.

I doubt he heard since we were again whizzing through people, he would yell out for them to "look out" but they barely had enough time to jump out fo the way, in the meantime I was becoming nausous from the speed, and listening to him talk about how he used to be a marine seal........but now works for US Airways..........whatever.

I then get slammed into another wall next tot he people mover, since he was having a lot of difficulty directing my wheelchair but evidently not the nuns wheelchair. He also was laughing at her and saying he could take her to any gate and she wouldnt know any better, and he doesn know how she will make it onto her flight anyway................

I finally made it to my gate and then had the problems with the rude gate agent (see above).

I cannot think of how any part of my experience could have been any worse, if I had tried. I fly on a regular basis, Im polite and I know how to take care of myself without bothering anyone of course.

What the he@! is wrong with US AIRWAYS?
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