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Originally Posted by BA
Actually, MEA was very well aware from the beginning that they won't get full membership, they're too small.

Someone on posted the reason why their membership has been continuously delayed. Apparantly there was disagreement within the company about whather MEA could keep up to its commitments to SkyTeam while others believed they could.

I think like you said, RJ joining One World put a lot of pressure on them so they decided to join.

I don't think they will give up their Cedar Miles program. They will join Flying Blue but at the same time keep the Cedar Miles program. I am pretty sure this can be done. Kind of like how airlines can strike code-share agreements with different airlines like how MEA has a code-share agreement with both Qatar Airways and Air France.

Keep in mind that if MEA is forced to give up their Cedar Miles program, then I think they will be forced to end their code-share agreement with Qatar Airways. It's either that, or Air France, KLM, and Kenya Airways (all Flying Blue users) will be drawn into being code-share partners with Qatar Airways which will not happen...

Also, if MEA is forced to give up Cedar Miles, then how will this affect the new MEA credit card being offered by Bank Audi? It is directly tied to the Cedar Miles program.

So I just can't see them dropping the Cedar Miles program.

This is already done... you can earn FB miles on ME flights... no big deal... but as per the associate agreement, and i quote, THEY HAVE TO ADOBT ONE OF THE MEMBER'S FF PROGRAM, in this case AF.

Why? simple... as an associate member, the big airline dont want to link up to ME's database to know who is an elite, who isnt and what does he get SkyTeam wise... so they force smaller carriers in the associate programs to use a FF already linked.

COPA is using CO's OnePass
KE is using FlyingBlue
TAROM is converting to Alitalia's FFP

and so forth...
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