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Originally Posted by Mama
is Renaissance Shanghai Pudong near the airport or near the Bund? or in the middle of nowhere? how is the room and service?
appriciate any inputs.
It's in the middle of nowhere but, to a certain extent, so is Pudong (it's across the river). It's about a 20-30 minute cab ride to the Bund if there's not much traffic, about 30 minutes to the airport. We stayed there last March for about a week.

Pudong, by the way, is spectacular -- beautiful new buildings, stunning architecture, nice landscaping. It's one of the most impressive cities I've seen anywhere in the world.

The physical facility is very nice, with nice rooms, a nice lobby, etc. Our experience (my wife is from China and is in a position to judge), is that the staff have a look-down-their-nose attitude. People in Shanghai, in general, tend to be a little "New Yorky," but it was really apparent at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong. As an example, our stay there was free, on points, so it was worth the money. We had a problem when we checked in, in that the hotel clerk wanted to charge us tax. I showed my reservation confirmation, which expressly said "taxes included," but was told, "the policy changed." I escalated it to the manager, who I can only describe as smarmy and condescending, and who would not budge. The amount in question was only about $100 so I decided it wasn't worth pursuing with Marriott corporate. My experience of the hotel was, however, one of the factors that motivated me to switch to Starwood.

Virtually everywhere else I've ever stayed in China (and I've been around a bit), I've been made to feel welcomed and my business valued. I did not feel that, in the least, at the Renaissance.

Gee, it feels good to finally get that off my chest!
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