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All new rules were expected and are marginally (except the FTL lounge access...) to the right direction.

Just a couple of remarks on how I read those rules (while I agree with most of you):
  • The minimum mileage improvement for Germany based FTL and SEN implicitly gives us a measure of the number of German ...immigration to other countries for mileage related reasons. Too big.
  • Also, the HON Circle "enhancement" (anyone in this forum predicted that the HON Circle were soon to be enhanced?) gives us a measure of the number of UA-flyer HONs. Too big.
  • We used to whine that LH doesn't properly distance FTL and SEN status apart. There's the answer (of course, always self-serving for LH! What did you expect? Caviar in lieu of Leberkäse in the SEN lounges?)!
PS What scares me most with LH is the yet-to-come enhancements...
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