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This is typical marketing wording of LH: Give you something and at the same time take away something from you.
If they wont change amount of miles for non-germans and segments it wont be a change for me at all. Lucky!

But what I doubt is that the majority of FTL will get upset is that they cannot bring a guest anymore to the lounge!
And my theory is that LH is not thinking right about their decicion!

It wont make the lounges less crowded. The vast Majority of the PAX in the C-Lounge travel on C or have an FTL-Card. What i have observed is that if two people want to enter an FTL-Lounge and both have a card only one fumbles his FTL-Card out of his wallet. The other FTL will be ticked as "guest" even if he is also an FTL (Same with SEN, all the time I travel together with somebody).
The only one who will suffer is the business-traveler who wants to take a leisure-trip with his spouse. Before that he sticked to LH because he could use the lounges. Now he may moove to another Airline.

And guess what an FTL will do who reads not frequently the lounge-access rules? He will bring his wife to the lounge and will be refused by a lounge-dragon? Will he be a loyal customer? I know people who stopped flying LH for less!
Sorry LH even if it does not affect me in the next years this is wrong!
This BMIrisation of LH!

Still wondering!

BTW: Mr. Mayerhuber said that he would put some features of STC in M&M: Here we have one!
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