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jerry crump
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Originally Posted by ctownflyer
Beacause the airtran visa is 1,000 points to 1 credit, and airtran purchases earn 2 points, so you'll get a free ticket at least 8,000 dollars earlier, plus no offense to FL, but their mileage program kinda sucks, points expire after a year, no way of checking/booking award tickets online, etc.
If you have 24,000 Membership rewards points you can't get a coast to coast roundtrip on Song, Delta, US Air, or continental but you can on airtran. So if you have MR points the exchange rate is good if you want a domestic ticket.

As for comparing it to the airtrans visa the 8,000 dollars earlier only applies if you make no double points purchases or recieve any other bonuses. Personally I have recieved about 3 bonus points for every dollar purchased in MR becuase of promotions they offer that I have never seen offered by visa/MC.

While their points expire in a year you have another year till the code expires and another year counting one change to take the flight. So you really have almost 3 years to to take a flight.

I think they have one of the best programs around. To say it sucks seems extreme to me.
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