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Lounge improvements

Some general comments about lounges
  • the list of contract lounges should also be available on the net, not only SkyTeam lounges
  • lounges should, in time, all offer the full range of services : some food, free Internet access (including Wifi), washrooms (LHR, ORD, FRA, DUS ... ) showers (even for short-haul terminals)
  • at international destinations served by AF metal, where there are no SkyTeam lounges nor contract lounges (is it still the case in OSL ?), a food and/or Internet voucher should be made available to premium and Elite Plus passengers
  • additional domestic lounges in LYS, TLS and MRS would be welcome, as well as in ORY for all gates and halls Done for ORY and LYS[I]
  • CDG lounges should, over time, be upgraded to the 2E standards. Interim solutions, especially in terms of space available, washrooms ... would be very welcome
  • the list of magazines and newspapers available in the AF CDG2 lounges is outstanding; definitely better than in BA F lounges in LHR or LH SEN lounges in FRA
  • As mentioned earlier, an airside arrivals lounge for the 2E/2F/S3 combination, in addition to the existing landside arrivals lounge in 2C would be a nice enhancement.

Specific locations
  • Amsterdam : please re-open the AF lounge in its previous location; it is time consuming to go to a lounge in the D gate area when connecting from a B gate to a C gate. Would you expect me to walk from 2F2 to the lounge in 2D and back to 2F1 for my flight ?
  • Athens : the AZ lounge is OK, although smallish, and Internet access is somewhat unpredictable. Given the choice with the Aegean and Goldair Handling lounges, previously used by AF, the AZ lounge is a good choice, but an agreement with OA would be even better
  • Barcelona : smallish, but adequate
  • Bangkok: the AF lounge structure is confusing and it is cramped I haven't been to the new airport & lounge, yet
  • Berlin TXL : good, a huge improvement over the old contract lounge (the old Otto Lillienthal lounge, which was in the current location of the LH lounges)
  • Bordeaux : it is a Patio, but it is air conditioned (the terminal is not) and insulated from the noise of the terminal, useful and practical
  • Budapest : contract lounge "Millennium" - minimalist but adequate for this smallish airport
  • Chicago ORD : somewhat small before the renovation, misses washrooms, has direct access to the jetway
  • Delhi : the standard contract lounge is dreadful, but so is the entire airport, so not much hope, here No personal experience of the new terminal
  • Dusseldorf : good, spacious, nice view, just needs washrooms
  • Frankfurt : was good before the renovation, just needs washrooms
  • Geneva : smallish, pleasant, but can get overcrowded; still no Internet workstations (and the washrooms are shared with the LX lounge )
  • Hamburg : the contract lounge is adequate
  • Hannover : the contract lounge is definitely subpar, but this is not a destination which should be very high on the priority list for improvements
  • Helsinki : AY is not allowing access to the real lounge but to a smallish restaurant where a small area is set aside for AF ticket holders and business class passengers who are not One World elite ; this is a joke and the agreement with AY needs to be improved (or AF could also send AY business class ticket holders to a fast food facility at CDG )
  • Hong Kong : somewhat small, adequate, but not up to the Wing or the Pier, unfortunately
  • Lisbon : I have not been there since the opening of the AF lounge, but it can only be a huge improvement over the miserly corridor portion used in the past
  • London LHR : the new SkyTeam lounge is bland, has poor quality food in quantity, Bordeaux Supérieur ? Come on, Air France should do much better
  • Luxembourg : the LG lounge is fine
  • Madrid : the contract lounge is OK-ish
  • Montreal : faded memories, seemed OK - note : have not been to the new airside lounge
  • Milan MXP : definitely keep the AF lounge over the subpar AZ lounges in the Schengen area
  • New York City JFK : the lounge is fine
  • Nice T2 (Schengen): the contract lounge is small, but adequate and pleasant
  • Paris Orly Ouest Hall 1: the Patio in Hall 1 is practical, but noisy as it is not insulated from the terminal. In addition, it can not be used from the neighboring gates (Gate 10 or 20 ?) also in Hall 1 Done
  • Paris Orly Ouest Hall 2 : Nice and spacious Patio with a great view on the tarmac. Ideally, the terraces would be secured just as in Orly Sud and we could enjoy the view from the terraces
  • Prague : the OK lounge is good
  • Rome FCO : please keep the AF lounge and do not rely only on the AZ lounges
  • Singapore : there have been changes since the introduction of the QF code-share. The CIAS/Skyview lounge is a mezzanine open to the noise from the terminal and it can be full at times as it is shared with several airlines
  • Stuttgart : faded memories, smallish and uninspiring
  • Vienna : the OS lounge has been improved and extended, but it is still overcrowded with few (2 ?) Internet workstations; I don't think there would be a better choice, except for the OS SEN lounge, of course
  • Washington, DC, IAD : good, somewhat small, has direct access to the jetway
  • Zurich : faded memories, adequate ?
To be continued ...

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