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This Should Be An Option. . .

Hey, how about allowing passengers who are of normal height/weight or ideal proportions who unfortunately and sometimes purposefully are seated next to (not by choice but rather due to unhappy airline personnel) be given the chance to DE-BOARD the plane and take another flight without penalty.

This should be an option for every passenger when seated next to an obese passenger without fail!

I have come to this conclusion after an incident during last years Christmas holiday in which I was flying US AirWays on Dec. 22. I had an accident 20 hours before my flight, I slipped and fell on ice and nearly broke my ankle. However I was able to (through sheer preserverance) make my flight after receiving assistance from a wheelchair. I did not have crutches but rather choose to wrap my ankle in an ace bandage and walk, albeit extremely slowly, to my flight.

After checking in for a 100% full flight, I asked very nicely of the gate aagent if there would be any way possible to please change my seat from a window (which I had previously selected) to an aisle as physically it was literally impossible for me to manueaver by 2 seats to get to the window. He was horrible, very much a sour puss and did everythign he could to be mean, rude and obnoxious for NO reason (witnessed by several passengers who seemed stunned at his behavior).

I decided to then ask if perhaps he could ask for a vlounteer to switch seats with me due to the full capacity. Long story short he, of his own accord, decided to allow me to switch to an aisle seat and gave me early boarding (which I never asked for).

I was grateful until I realized that the last passenger boarding the plane was over 350+ pounds, not to mention at least 6' -6" and was wearing a full lengthy down parka which he was not removing prior to sitting down. I looked at him, nearly became ill, and the girl who had been seated at our window row looked as though she would die at the sight of him. He proceeded to attempt to sit down in the middle seat WEARING his parka, and it was physically impossible. Before I allowed him to crawl over me (the thought turns my stomach) I struggled to stand up in the aisle, blocking his entry to the seat, and asked to take his coat and put it in the overhead bin. He appeared literally shocked that I would ask him, but I did so politely, diplomatically and very firmly stating that there is NO WAY you will fit in the middle seat with two of us and wearing your coat. He gave up his coat to me only due to the shock he experienced.

What other options did I have? The flight attendants were just staring and seemed to know that he was sent to sit next to me from the sourpuss gate agent, and of course were no help at all in this matter. The three of us, window, middle and aisle seat were jammed on top of one another for a flight from Pittsburgh to Tampa.

All I wanted to do was disembark the flight and wait for another through stand by even though that would mean my plans, friends picking up, etc would have been ruined.

Anyone agree that this should be an allowable option instead of hearing the pitiful ("were sorry" from one flight attendant while Im disembarking in Tampa?) Why should paying passengers be penalized through extreme discomfort and be subjected to DANGER from being seated next to the obese?

If there were any type of accident, turbulance, etc. the chance of being more severly injured is extreme when you have such weight seated next to and on TOP of you. It is impossible not to utilize the seats properly during the flight, etc.

Why is it not mandatory that the obese be required on all flights, on all airlines to purchase 2 seats? Even if that means a weigh-in prior to boarding?

Would love to hear opinions on this matter!
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