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Thanks Concierges - v.2005

Now that we're nearing the end of 2005, I though it might be appropriate to bring this thread back to thank AC's terrific team of concierges once again. The best thing about Air Canada!

For me, I didn't have too much contact with them in the past year, except in some of the ML lounges, but I want to show my appreciation for the few that I did:

In YYZ: Patricia, Tamara & Peggy - (I think that's her name?) They went to great lengths to help us during a family emergency we only learned of as we were departing YHZ. Pat is just EXCELLENT! She brought our little guy from the T1 office, all the way down to the gate & even right on board the aircraft...while we were scrambling around, trying to get through security. ^ Grazie Pat!

In HNL: the lady that works the nights. (Richard's colleague) Helped me sort out a frantic last- minute Australian ETA that was supposed to have been confirmed, but wasn't, 5 min. before the flight was to board. They weren't going to board me otherwise!

In YHZ: the nice lady with glasses - ?!? Always cheerful and friendly to chat with.

In LHR: Calvin - still great. Helped us 'huge' with a misconnect to NCE.


Feel free to add your AC Concierge friends from '05! ...and for Mr. Marc Tacchi: I'm sure you could write a book on the subject after what you did this Fall!

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