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Here's a brief rundown of the popular bars here in SEA. All gay bars (with the exception of one or two not listed here) are located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Capitol Hill is very close to all the downtown hotels.

Neighbours - This is our only major gay dance club. There are straight people here, too, but it is predominantly gay. I do not like dancing (that particular gay gene got lost on me) so I don't go here, but it's very popular.

The Cuff - This is a light version of a leather & levis bar. I like this place; it's pretty fun. The people are friendly, it's usually pretty crowded, and there are several different parts of the bar (or "complex" as they prefer it to be called) with lots of different stuff going on (karaoke, pool, darts, a large patio, etc.).

Manray - Expensive frou-frou drinks in a mod environment. Seattle doesn't have much attitude, but this is where you'd find it if you were looking for it. The crowd tends to be young. Despite its reputation for attitude, however, I've always found the bartenders to be really friendly and the drinks are pretty good. It's a small place, and people tend to start here and then head to Our Place afterwards.

Our Place - The most popular bar for late 20s and 30 somethings. It's got 3 levels, each with a different environment. There is some dancing on the third floor, but not much. I like this place, too, and recommend it.

The Eagle - Yikes. This is our hardcore leather bar. It's a dive, and it's kind of scary. They have watersports events, if that's a helpful indication of the clientele.

C.C.'s/The Men's Room - These bars and two or three bars right around them cater to older gay men. They have bear gatherings there. Drinks are cheap, and the people are pretty friendly. A lot of people start up here and then walk a few blocks down the hill to The Cuff as the night progresses.

Madison Pub - This can be a fun place to meet friends for darts, pool, trivia, etc. My ex hangs out there though so as far as I'm concerned it's tainted.

I think that about sizes it up. There are several other dive bars not worthy of mention.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
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