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I have activated my last remaining brain cells and remember following:

2001 was a free requalification year, due to the circumstances. But there were the famous 240K-promos…
2002 was a free requalification year again, because of the change Qualiflyer->STC. As far I remember, 20K or 25K miles were credited to each "real requalified" Gold.
2003 was a free requalification year again, and 4 systemwide oneway-upgrades valid until the end of 2004 were "donated". I had to use two of them for MUC-ZRH-MUC…
2004 was the only year in which the Gold-membership could expire. Anyway, we got a free companion-ticket.

The upgrade vouchers you mentioned are credited anyway every 50K miles (since Jan 2005), and you got them independent if you reach the necessary 60K miles needed for a requalification. So I wonder if there will be a special honour for those have reached Gold again on the regular way… (thanks to the famous mileage runs 2005, I will get my second upgrade-voucher soon ).

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