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Originally Posted by swiss traveler
Hi my dear fellow FTers !

Since the end of the year is comming up, I've been checking my mileage account and I would really appreciate your opinions on the matter that i cant help think of :

this year i flew 54'500 miles so i'm only 5'500 miles short of reaching the 60'000 to maintain Gold status.
Now, because of LH, we all know that our status stays what it is for the next 2 years. So it appears not important at all to reach 60k.
BUT, if I remember right, I think last year (or was it the year before?), they extended the validity of status for 1 other year to everyone, AND to those who actually flew the 60k, they got kinda of a bonus like free upgrade coupons or something ?

SO my question : is it worth for me to take a cheap C weekend special trip via ZRH to a Europe destination (should be 6'000 miles, right?), in order to reach 60k and expect some kinda bonus from Swiss ??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and information.
Best to all of u !
The last time I've requalified and they gave yet another extension for free (was that in 2002/2003?) it was completely worthless. I think they offered some C upgrades as a loyalty bonus. I would have rather had an extra year of Gold membership instead of the upgrades.
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