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As one who also often travels for non-profit organizations and buys tickets out of my own pocket, the differential in the price of L vs K or Q fares is disturbing.
As a PLT with DL, AA and soon UA,
like many of you, I do understand WHY
DL needs to restrict PLT pre-reserving
F seating to permit full fare coach non PLT
some opportunity to upgrade.
All of you... AusTXHiker, Robert Leach, and others are 100% correct that DL should be sent a clear and unambiguous message that EMPTY F seats, at 10 or 15 minutes pre-departure (when seats are 'cleared') should be made available to the elite members at the gate in order of a wait-list by signin-time, with priority as usual, to PLT, GLD, MED...etc.
The BEST mechanism for this can be discussed and debated, but DL's explanation to those of you who have inquired has left much to be desired.
All PLT and other very frequent fliers deserve better. This DL policy needs rethinking by the highest levels of it's management.... and now.
Maybe they are listening!

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