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I booked today a ticket on http://www.airfrance.ch using one of the 50 CHF vouchers I won.

First, you cannot pay online but you have to call AF in Switzerland to confirm your code within 24h. Ok, I phone immediatly and the guy on the phone does not know about the voucher code .
5 minutes waiting for him to enquire and another 5 minutes that he can verify the code is correct .
Now I can pay with credit card and ask for electronic memo.

2 hours later, no email. New phone call just to hear : "Sir, I need your credit card number to proceed to the payment". So I give my credit card number to AF for the second time within 2 hours. Now guess what? "Sir, the fare is 219 CHF, plus telephone service fee is 20 CHF, minus your voucher, total is 219" . Sure it is ! 10 minutes later, the system has correctly calculated I must pay 189 CHF. Yeepee ! I ask for the second time a payment confirmation.

2 hours later, still no confirmation. New call to AF. "Sir, the system is not ready for using these vouchers, that is why we cannot send you a confirmation, even a fax one. We are working on it. Problem will be fixed within a few hours"

Fortunately the service fee is the same on the website than on the phone (20 CHF), otherwise I let you imagine my reaction .

Half an hour on the phone with AF and still no email, now I know what my 50 CHF are worth ! And I must get up early to use the other voucher I won.
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