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Originally Posted by rstidolph
My original question, was is there any best way to route this trip to maximize miles. I am not looking to go out of my way.
If you're not looking to go out of your way, then there really isn't a lot you can do to "maximize" miles. The difference between which connecting city you choose (e.g., LHR, ZRH, MAD, DUB, BRU assuming there is even one-stop service via those cities) will be only about a hundred extra miles each way. Unless you're on the cusp of a (next) elite level, it probably won't make much of a difference and you're probably best off picking the most convenient flight times (e.g., via MAD you'd have a long layover since the only flight MAD-ATH is in the evening -- but of course on this routing you'd probably get screwed on AA miles on the Iberia transatlantic flight).

Actually, it looks like routing via HEL would give you the most miles (about 600 more than the other cities o/w) and I think there's a once-weekly flight HEL-ATH.
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