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Originally Posted by rstidolph
Sorry for lack of details. Here I think is everything:

I wish to purchase discounted coach tickets. I will be leaving Jfk to Athens about Sept. 27, 2006. I will then be on a cruise until October 15, 2006. My return flight will be Lisbon to JFK. My original question, was is there any best way to route this trip to maximize miles. I am not looking to go out of my way. Some of the possibilities I saw were routed through LHR or Zurich. Sorry if I did not present it clearly.
on a discount coach fare, your options are pretty limited. you'll want AA codings wherever possible. BA coded flights will net you only 25% redeemable miles (125 minimum redeemable miles, but 500 minimum q-miles and q-points, however). IB is 30%. EI is 0%.
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