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The pitch difference is quite noticeable between OTC and NTC.

But for a day flight, and if you are not travelling alone (meaning that you will not have to disturb (or be disturbed by) a stranger to move in/out your seat, I would not rate the pitch as the unique factor.

A drawback of the NTC (except for bulkhead seats) is the fact that the IFE screen is on the back of the seat in front of you and can not be adjusted. During day flights (this happened to me on an A340) you can have the sunlight reflecting on the screen, making it nearly impossible to see.
When the sunlight is coming from a window on the other side of the cabin it is difficult to do something !
And you are more likely to use the IFE on a day flight than on a night flight.

If, in addition, the schedule of the NTC flight is less favourable I know which one I would choose. But it is just me !
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