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I was told by TACA agents this past June that when you change dates and not anything else, you just call TACA and coordinate the change. The Distancia/TACA agent will tell you of the $35 change fee. When your reservation is updated by TACA--everything is done. In fact, even if you go to the airport they normally won't reissue the ticket for date changes. You just show up for your changed flight and they'll pull the "outdated" paper coupon and charge you the $35 (or no charge according to some posters here).

TACA has been operating on E-Tickets for their on line and ticket counter purchases for some time now. It's unusual that we have manual, paper tickets. Therefore, it's the reservation in the system that what matters--not the coupon you hold in your hand with a different date.

Short story: make the changes over the phone and that's it--verify that with the agent you're talking to, of course.
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