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Nerdy corrections

Hi, to be even more nerdy...

The ATIS is often recorded on a navigation aid frequency such as the VOR used for holding. This means that the approaching aircraft will be able to receive the information without having to tune an extra radio for the task, but one that the crew would have to tune anyway.

The ATIS is usually updated twice an hour, commonly at minutes 20 and 50 past the hour. Special ATIS updates are recorded when certain weather changes meet the critieria published in ICAO Annex 3 and 11. Also, whenever runway directions are changed or other pertinent information changes. Some airports have departure ATIS messages and a separate arrival ATIS message.

It is usual for the approach controller to ensure that the inbound ATIS letter has been received correctly but an arriving aircraft may not have to confirm the ATIS letter to tower. Same for departures, ground usually do the check and leave tower free.

Just as a minor point, if the whole ATIS message has changed, and the changes are significant such that the controller wants the pilots to listen to it all, then the pilots will not "change" to the ATIS frequency. They will remain with radio box "A" with the air traffic controller and use box "B" to tune the ATIS (or the navigation aid).

PS, for the list of geeks, you could have added air traffic controllers and accident investigators

Happy landings

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