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Ok, well there you go folks. Miles down the drain. Now we know for certain that Globalpass is monitoring these boards.

I accept everything they say in their post as true and freely admit it is not only a mistake to try this, but a huge pain in my a$$. However, I followed the procedures set forth by Globalpass when they announced the change in the program and made reservations prior to the June 30th cutoff. This was then retroactively changed by them to June 26, when? in August sometime???? I was just trying to find a way to use my miles when originally following the rules set down by them. Oy.

Am I wrong? Shouldn't I expect to have had this handled properly in the first place and have Globalpass honor their original specifications????? I mean really, this is too much. Not only that, what in the world could have prompted them to finally respond here to my messages above. We have been here for years now wondering about Latinpass/Globalpass intentions and now the FINALLY decide to respond? Not only that, they go and put my full name in the post. Wonderful, what a professional organization. Not much gets me really mad, but this one has now burned my goose to the limit.

For my friends here at FT if my postings above have in any way affected something you were trying to do I apologize well in advance.

Originally Posted by Customer Care
Dear tfjim aka (gee, thanks for posting my name ), allow us to clarify (for all) what you are suggesting to do. You made your award reservations on June 28 and TACA accepted erroneously your travel dates for 2006. GlobalPass was unable to issue those award tickets and you have now changed your reservations for travel dates in 2005. This is acceptable by both, TACA and GlobalPass.

However, you are now insinuating to change your reservations directly with TACA after you receive the tickets to your original 2006 travel dates. This will be a huge mistake and GlobalPass will NOT be responsible for your loss of miles and award tickets. Furthermore, GlobalPass will not be able to return or re-deposit miles from GlobalAwards if not used.

As far as the issuance of Award tickets goes, allow us to clarify. GlobalPass (and LatinPass) issues(d) award tickets close to the travel dates for a simple and logical reason. Once a ticket is physically issued, it automatically gets recorded in a Sales Report. All Sales Reports must be paid by GlobalPass to the corresponding airline at the end of each month. It was always agree with the airlines that they would get paid prior to or close to the travel date of each award.

The reason we will not be able to honor re-deposit of miles and refunds, is also very simple. Once GlobalPass has paid a Sales Report, and the airline is no longer a participant, GlobalPass will be unable to obtain a refund from such airline.

Customer Care
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