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They will not be changing policy just for you, my son just returned from Ecuador, he changed his reservation on June 28th and his tickets clearly stated (hand written of course) no travel after December 31, 2005. Have another friend who actually tried to do what you are attempting. Had tickets too Costa Rica requested on June 29 for travel in March of next year. He was able to change travel dates to November 2005: tickets have endorsement of no travel after December 31st. I have seen several other posts in this forum mentioning the tickets they received had a December 31st endorsement. I would assume these people also had booked after June 26th.

One thing I am certain about GP and TACA is: they are never consistent, what they did last week, may change this week, so your strategy is worth a try. What I would hope is some screw up occurs and they forget to put the endorsement on your tickets, or maybe the policy change again.

If I were you I would get the tickets and hope they donít contain December 31 endorsement. If you can travel this year you have lost nothing, if not it is a small gamble (you will loose taxes and delivery fees). You will know once you get the tickets if you can change them but I would not count on it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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