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Let me first try to understand what you are trying to do. You have a ticket booked after June 26th you originally booked for travel in 2006. You were told that you can not use next year but can use if you change travel dates to this year. You want to change reservations to the next couple of months and have GP send you the tickets. You than are hoping to change the tickets to travel next year. If I got that correct; I donít think you will be able to do it.

First I am not certain that you can change the reservation back to this year and I am not sure GP will ticket the new reservation. If you did get the reservation I am fairly certain it will contain an endorsement that specifies last day of travel as December 31, 2005.

That being said I think if you booked a reservation after between June 26th and June 30th I think it is TACAsí responsibility to honor the reservation since they are the ones that changed the rules in the middle of the game. I would point out to them they sent email on June 30th stating the last day of participation in the GP program was June 30th. Not much notice but I donít think they can change conditions retroactively.

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